Register your IBD service for the IBD Benchmarking Tool

Join IBD services all over the UK to benchmark your care against the IBD Standards.

By taking part, you are working with us to ensure that people with IBD receive safe, consistent, high-quality, personalised care wherever they live in the UK and have the best possible outcomes from their treatment and care.

One person from each IBD service is required to coordinate the service’s participation in the IBD Benchmarking Tool. By signing up here, you will be taking on that essential role. This doesn't mean it is all down to you – this should involve other members of your IBD team and we will provide you with plenty of tools, tips and support to make the process as easy as possible.

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The IBD Benchmarking Tool will be live from 26th April 2023 to 31st July 2023 .

Where hospitals are working together to provide an IBD service, we have listed these together. Please let us know by emailing if you are unable to find your service from this list or if the list needs updating.
Please enter an alternative email address, ideally this should be a team mailbox that is accessed by more than one person within your service. We will send copies of important notifications to this address, to ensure your team is kept up to date even if you are not available.
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